Adults with Learning Disabilities and Difficulties

Adults with Learning Difficulties and Disabilities

Adults with Learning Difficulties and Disabilities (ALDD)

Our broad learning programme offers courses throughout Buckinghamshire, supporting adults with learning disabilities to develop independent living and work skills in a collaborative and creative environment.

• gain independence
• enhance their employability opportunities
• develop their communication skills
• develop their decision making and problem solving skills
• engage with and participate in the community
• have the opportunity to maintain physical and mental well-being
• develop maths and English skills
• gain confidence to make friends and develop social skills
• acquire skills which have a positive impact on their everyday life

Our dedicated Tutors and Learning Support Assistants provide a personalised learning journey for every student that is challenging, varied and fun. All we ask from you is commitment.

For more information, phone our Course Co-ordinator Wendy Tilby on 07921940496 or email

Adults with Learning Difficulties and Disabilities

What our learners say:

“Coming to my class has helped me meet new people and build my confidence” Claire

“I am doing a cookery class and have learnt how to make lasagne which is my favourite” John

“I love my woodwork class, I never thought I’d be able to make a table, but I have and all my friends think it’s amazing” David