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English, Maths and Digital

English, maths and Digital courses

Our English courses are for adults whose first language is English and who want to improve their reading, writing, speaking or listening skills for work, home or in the community.

Our maths courses are open to everyone, regardless of your first language, and will help you to become more confident with using numbers; measures, shape and space; data handling.

Our Digital courses cover topics such as word processing, spreadsheets, email, using the internet and other skills needed for work and everyday life. Digital courses are free if you are unemployed and looking for work or if you earn under £17,004.00 per annum.

You can choose to do maths and/or English and/or Digital – it’s your choice.

Handwriting with a fountain pen

English Summer School | August 2020

A blended course of online and face-to-face English sessions

If you need to achieve a Functional Skills Level 1 or Level 2 this summer, then our intensive course could be just what you’re looking for.

  • The course runs over four weeks from week commencing 3 August to week ending 28 August.
  • It is free for learners who do not already have a GCSE grade C/4 or equivalent and who meet the usual residency requirements
  • There will be a mix of online sessions via Google Classroom and Google Meet and face-to-face sessions for the Speaking & Listening element, mock exams, live assessments and final reading and writing exams.
  • There will be a maximum of five face-to-face sessions and you must be able to attend our Millbrook Adult Learning Centre, High Wycombe or our Quarrendon Adult Learning Centre, Aylesbury for all five sessions. We will be observing social-distancing guidelines in place at the time of the course. (Further details will be given before the course starts).
  • Exams will take place during week commencing 24 August.

To apply for the course please contact Angela Cato on 01296 674463 or email Angela.Cato@buckinghamshire.gov.uk

Angela will send you a link to complete an online assessment so that we can confirm the course is right for you and means the tutor can customise the course to meet your needs.

New *Free Digital Skills courses starting in September 2020

Do you lack confidence when using a computer at home or for work?

These FREE* online courses are tutor-led and run at Entry 3 and Level 1.

Courses cover: using devices, solving problems, buying and communicating online, creating, saving and editing documents and staying safe – to help you feel more confident and make the most out of your devices.

For more details call 01296 382403 or email sarah.bradley@buckinghamshire.gov.uk

*Funded for adults 19 years or over who meet UK residency requirements for funding

How will improving my English, maths and Digital skills help me?

Our courses can help you to:

  • Gain confidence
  • Find a new job
  • Get a promotion at work
  • Gain a qualification
  • Help your children with their school work

What will I learn on English, maths and Digital courses?

We work with all learners, from Pre- Entry level to Level 2. It doesn’t matter what your starting point is, we can help you to become more confident about your skills.

You will work with other adults, at similar levels to you, in small friendly groups with an experienced tutor. You can brush up on all the skills you need in everyday life e.g.

  • Spelling strategies for words you find difficult
  • Punctuation marks (capital letters, commas, apostrophes)
  • Reading texts (newspaper articles, formal letters, reports)
  • Writing documents (notes, letters, job applications, emails)
  • Speaking up and listening for detail (at meetings and interviews)
  • Handling money and budgeting
  • Weights and measures e.g. for cookery or DIY
  • Percentages, decimals and ratios
  • Interpreting data
  • Use digital skills to handle work-related information
  • Create and edit digital content for work-related purposes
  • Use digital skills to communicate in a work context
  • Work online and use digital devices safely and responsibly in a work context
  • Be able to solve technical problems.

How will I find a course that is right for me?

You can join most courses throughout the year. If you would like to enrol, please book an online assessment with us which will enable us to find the best course for you.

How much do the courses cost?

Our courses are for adults who do not already have A*- C or 9-4 grade at GCSE. Most English courses are free if English is your first language*. If English is not your first language find out more (depending on UK residency).

Maths courses are free to everyone (depending on residency requirements).

Digital courses are free to adults aged 19 years or over who meet UK residency requirements for funding.

When and where are the courses?

We have daytime and evening courses in different places across the county, including Aylesbury, Chesham and High Wycombe. We will try to find you a course at a time and location to suit you. We also offer Blended Learning which gives you the flexibility to study online and face-to-face.

We offer City and Guilds Functional Skills qualifications in English and maths from Entry 1 to Level 2, with the opportunity to progress to GCSE, where appropriate. When you start your course, your tutor will talk to you about your aims and will help you to decide which route is right for you.

Book an Assessment

We work with learners of all abilities – from beginners (Pre-Entry) to Level 2 (GCSE). Before joining a class, we ask you to take an online assessment so we can talk about your individual learning needs, assess your skills and then enrol you on an English/maths course that is right for you.

By submitting your details on this form you are happy for us to collect and store the data you submit. This form collects your name, phone number and email address so we can contact you about your course enquiry. We store your name, phone number and email address for this purpose for 12 months, at which point we will seek permission to continue storing it. Unless permission is granted, the data submitted through this form will be deleted after the 12 month period. More information on how we use the data you submit can be found on our Privacy Policy.

What our learners say:


“I absolutely hated school when I was younger and the thought of ever studying again or going into further education was a nightmare for me but this course has given me so much confidence, not just in my English abilities but in my ability to actually focus and enjoy education.”

“I was frightened about being a mature student studying English. When I joined the class the other learners made me feel welcomed and not stupid. The tutor built my self-confidence and always welcomed ideas.”

“I gained more confidence in knowing there are other people in the ‘same boat’ as me. I’m also now able to help my daughter with her GCSE English.”


“I found out that my maths skills were not as bad as I thought. I just needed someone who was very patient and understanding to help me get over my fear of maths.”

“Attending a maths class has given me a lot of confidence in my own abilities to apply myself – particularly with a subject I find so difficult.”

“It has shown me that I am capable at maths after all. I thought the teaching was excellent. The tutor was both patient and informative and was able to explain methods in a clear and concise way with humour and warmth.”