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Early Years Keeping In Touch Newsletter

Keeping in Touch with Family Learning- Early Years Edition - Issue 6 - 19 November 2020

Hello! We hope you are keeping well during this lockdown time. Here are some food-related ideas to keep you and your child busy at home. Exploring new foods through songs, stories and getting them involved in preparing food can help children to try new tastes and textures.

Share a Book

Explore the book Each Peach Pear Plum – in which fairy tale and nursery rhyme characters meet for a picnic. Enjoy playing an eye spy game as you share the book together.

Together with your child, make a picture recipe of your child’s favourite meal. You could record it using the camera on your phone to take pictures of the ingredients and to show the steps to make the meal. Try it with a new meal idea – and let your child be the head chef! There are lots of recipe ideas in the link to Change 4 Life.

Busy Fingers

Exploring different fruits is a great activity to support fine motor skills. Practise with your child how to peel a satsuma or get a segment from an orange or peel a banana. This is a great way to support independent skills as well as fine motor skills.

While doing this activity, talk about the fruit –the colour, shape, texture or taste. Use words like:  “sweet” “sour” “soft” “hard” “chewy” “squishy”.

Children need to hear words before they can understand or use them.


Cartoon of girl in yellow dress

Open your own pretend shop! Your child can be the shopkeeper or shopper. Create price labels and attach to tins or packets from your own cupboards. Lay them out like a shop and give your child some pennies to “spend” in the pretend shop. It is a great opportunity for maths in your home environment. When role playing with your child swap over roles so they can see how you would be the shopkeeper. Your child will have great fun balancing the tins or packets and arranging the shop!

Get Active

Go bananas!

Follow this video link and get active as you copy the actions in this catchy song. Jump, peel, pop, bounce, slice! (You even get to be a rock star and play some air guitar….)

The song has lots of different fruit and vegetables in it. Get your child to see if they can find any of them at home, or perhaps look out for them on your next trip to the shops.

Useful Websites of the Week

NHS provides meal ideas and snack suggestions for babies and toddlers.

Change 4 life is full of simple, tasty, affordable recipe ideas to help you find ways to get more fruit and veg into your child’s diet.

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