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Early Years Keeping In Touch Newsletter

Keeping in Touch with Family Learning- Early Years Edition - Issue 13 - 27 May 2021

Hello, we hope you are keeping well. As part of getting back to seeing our friends and family we wanted to share some ideas to support turn taking, helping friends, talking aloud and active listening.  All our Early Years courses and workshops support personal, social and emotional development for children as well as early literacy and maths. If you want to know more about courses and workshops please check out our website.

Share a Book

Super Duck” is a great story all about friends helping each other solve a problem. Share this lovely story about friendship with your child. Think about what open questions to ask … Why did they want to help each other?  How did they help? What do your friends and family do that help you?  If you love this story then why not join us on a Story workshop where we share ideas of how to extend stories like this, and many more!

Busy Fingers

Use those little fingers to build. Build a tower of bricks, boxes or empty tubs whilst taking turns and modelling the words “my turn” and “your turn”. During our “Busy Fingers” course one learner shared how they had played a game of Jenga with their child, taking turns to build a tower and then laughing when the tower fell down and they started again. A great way to promote turn taking, whilst building on strengthening their fine motor skills.


Cartoon of girl in yellow dress

Do you know the series of stories “That’s not my …” which explores different textures? Why not create your own explore game to support confidence in communication and language building? Cut out a shape which your child loves, a dinosaur, a unicorn, a train and get them to find different textures around the home or outside to finish the sentence …”that’s not my car, it’s too …”

Drawing of a car on cardboard

Get Active

When outside why not set up a Stop and Go activity? Your child moves, in an action of their choice: running, jumping, hopping. When you say green and they go and stop when you say red. This promotes active listening and following instructions. Why not mix it up a bit too by adding different colours (which could rhyme!)  …blue – touch your shoe! Black – touch my back! White – pretend to fly a kite!

Useful Websites of the Week

BBC Tiny Happy People are continually adding information and ideas for activities. They offer great resources for age specific tasks. Try them out and let us know how you got on!

Courses Coming Up

Early Years Courses from Family Learning

Is your child starting Nursery or Reception in September 2021?  Family learning are offering a workshop designed for parents for getting your child ready for the start of their next adventure.  We will be looking at settling in, stories to support the transition, independent skills, simple tasks and social skills. To book a place please look at our website where you will find more details and dates for workshops for parents only to attend or workshops to attend with your children.