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Schools | Keeping In Touch Newsletter

Keeping in Touch with Family Learning- Schools Edition - Issue 17 - 19 May 2022

Fun activities to learn about, and celebrate the Platinum Jubilee, on 2 June

Fun with words and sounds

What does your child know about the Queen and the Jubilee celebration? Use this link to find out more.  This next  Link is to Newsround that explains how people are planning to celebrate.

For older children- Get them to organise a celebration. What would they do? Who would they invite? Where would they celebrate?

Songs and music are often involved in celebrations. Many songs have been written for the Platinum Jubilee. Listen to some, perhaps you can learn them with your child. Which one do they prefer? Jubilee song or Jubilee backing track? Why?

For older children- Get them to write their own poem or song to mark the occasion. Use this link to help you. You can us this link to contact the Queen or write a letter to the Queen.

Discover Stories

stack of books

Use this link to discover more about history and how things have changed in the Queen’s lifetime. Use this link to an engaging activity that compares what life was like at the time of Queen Elizabeth’s birth to life in the present day.

For older children- Make a timeline of all the kings and Queens of England. How long did they reign for? This Monarch song from Horrible Histories shows how many there have been. This link can help you.

Exploring maths

Make some symmetrical crowns for you and your child to wear. Use this link to download a crown template that your child can use. Or decorate these crowns and help your child to master counting to 10 and to use their number bonds. Use this link to help you.

For older children– Get them to design their own crowns. What measurements are needed? What shapes are in their design? Is it symmetrical? Could you use rotational or translation? Here is a video to refresh what these transformations of shapes are.

Make and learn

paintbrush and paints

Make some jubilee crafts using this link. Or you may prefer to make these crafts to decorate your house or street and  join in the celebrations using this link.

For older children- Get them to design their own decorations- bunting, placemats etc. How does their design link to the Platinum Jubilee?

Use this pack for lots more Jubilee ideas: link.

Courses Coming Up

New Online Family Learning Courses- Free courses for June 2022

To book all courses and workshops, click on links, or contact the Enrolment Team on 01296 383582. For more information contact Kathryn on 07770 641997

●        Handwriting workshop or Storybook workshop -Reception parents and carers

●        Writing and Grammar– Y1&2 parents and carers

●        English workshop, Transition workshop, Maths problem solving workshop – Y3&4 parents and carers

●        KS2 parents and carers

For information on Early Years courses please text/call Wendy on 07768 044813.

New Adult Learning Courses

Digital Skills for more details contact: 01296 382403, or email: