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Schools | Keeping In Touch Newsletter

Keeping in Touch with Family Learning- Schools Edition - Issue 12 - 8 July 2021

All Around the World

It has been a difficult time and we have not been able to travel far. That does not mean that we cannot find out about other countries and find out about places. Hopefully, we will be able to visit them soon.

Reading fun

Join Phileas Fogg on his adventures around the world by clicking on this link.
Or, follow the Berenstain Bears on their journey with this link.
Which countries does Phileas Fogg, or The Berenstain Bears visit? Can your child plot them on a map? Which country would your family like to see? Why? Can you make a scrapbook of places that you have visited? These could be local, for example, the park, the swimming pool…

For older children: Together, write an article advertising a place that your child has been to or would like to go to and persuade other people to visit. Think about words and phrases that would convince people.


Green tree cartoon

Use this link to download a map of the world. Can your child label the seven continents and label some of the countries? Colour in the seas/rivers blue etc?
For older children: Make a fact file about a country that they want to find out about. Are there any famous people or places in this country? Think about what you would like to discover about this place: food, art, numbers, names, money, flag, language, sport. Can you learn some of the language, cookery, sport… from this place?

Exploring maths

Numbers and maths signs

Use this link to study the flags from various countries. Have they got a repeated pattern? What shapes are in the flags? How many stars etc? Which flag has the most stars? Does this flag have a line of symmetry? This link can help. For older children: Design a flag that has at least one line of symmetry or even some rotational symmetry!

Make and learn

paintbrush and paints

Look at art from around the world.
Use this link to colour in a Rangoli pattern from India.
Try to create some aboriginal art from Australia by using this link
Develop hand eye coordination and make some origami Antarctic penguins using this link
For older children: Design patterns, or pieces of art from the places above.

Useful Websites of the Week

Free 2 year-old Early Years Education online application (
Refugee Week stories for:
Welcome to your Active Community Park Walks – Active Movement

Courses Coming Up

New Online Family Learning Courses- Free courses for Sept 2021

To book all courses and workshops, click on this link, or contact the Enrolment Team on 01296 383582. For more information contact Kathryn on 07770 641997
● Starting Reception- parents and carers of children starting Reception Sept 2021
● Support Your Child with Maths- Y1  &2 parents and carers
● Support Your Child with Number- Y3 & 4 parents and carers
● Our Early Years team are also running courses. For information please text/call Iva on 07710 145234 or Wendy on 07768 044813.

New Adult Learning Courses

• Managing Stress through mindful techniques – 3-week course for adults
For more information contact: Debbie Garwood 07770 802497,