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Schools | Keeping In Touch Newsletter

Keeping in Touch with Family Learning- Schools Edition - Issue 16 - 24 March 2022

Spring has Sprung

Find out some fun activities that you can do with your child to help them learn about spring and celebrate the arrival of the new season!

Fun with words and sounds

The season of spring is here, it is all around us.

Click on this link for Active Communities walks in Buckinghamshire.

Use your senses to spot what is happening outside. Ask your child about spring. How are the trees and flowers changing? What is the weather like? What can they see, hear, smell all around when they are out and about? How is this different to winter? Listen out for bird song with this link.

For older children – The word spring is a homonym – spring the season, or spring a coil, or spring meaning to jump. The word is spelt the same and sounds the same, but it has different meanings. What are homonyms?

Homonym meaning quiz

Guess the homonym quiz

Can they think of any more homonyms? Perhaps they can spot them in their reading book. How about getting them to make their own quiz so that they can test the family? Or make a homonym board game?


Green tree cartoon

Use the resources from this link and help your child to spot the various birds you have in your garden or in the local area. How many birds can you and your child spot?

Take part in the RSPB big garden bird watch. Go into your garden for an hour between 28 to 30 January and count the number of birds that you see. Email your results by using this page.

For older children: In KS2 children need to learn about how animals have adapted. Birds’ beaks are all different, they have adapted so that they are the best shape to help them eat the food that they need. Try this experiment and remember to make your predictions first.

Exploring maths

Use your maths skills to make these spring origami crafts. What shapes can the children spot? Can they design eggs that have a line of symmetry?
Egg Symmetry

Spring Tangram

Practise your counting, sequencing, adding and subtracting with these spring themed online maths games.

Online Spring Number Games
These games are for children from 5-9 years so older children can play too.

Discover Science

Science bottles

Discover how great springs or coils are. Where can we find them? What are they used for? Try making your own springs.

The link shows some fun ways that you can introduce springs to your child. 10 ways to play and learn about springs

The season of spring is a great time to get into your garden, grow things and explore the world around us. Use this link for some great ideas that can used by families to learn about germination, growth, and transpiration. Spring science activities

For older children – encourage them to carry out one of the fair tests. How long does it take for grass to grow?

Make and learn

paintbrush and paints

After exploring springs, have some fun making and using a slinky, or make this cute slinky dog.

Make a toy dog slinky

For older children – can they design and make their own slinky animal?

Courses Coming Up

New Online Family Learning Courses- Free courses for April 2022

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