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Schools | Keeping In Touch Newsletter

Keeping in Touch with Family Learning- Schools Edition - Issue 5 - 12 November 2020

Hi everyone! Abracadabra!

This is a magical time of year. In this edition we are focusing on magic tricks and how to perform them! Learn some tricks to amaze family and friends, try out some jaw-dropping science experiments and become the best conjurer in the world!

Fun with words

cartoon drawing of space rocket, plants and teddy bear astronaut

Become the greatest conjurer in the world. Click on this link, listen to the instructions and try to learn one of the magic tricks.
Show off your new skill to an audience. Which words will make your act sound exciting? How can you make sure that your family understand what you are doing and that they are amazed by your performance? Could you can record or write a script to show it to others?

Exploring maths

Numbers and maths signs

Can you solve magic squares? Use a 3×3 square grid and the numbers 1-9.

Place the numbers, so that all the lines of numbers add up to the same number (15), in any direction.

Can you see how it works? We used old bottle tops with numbers on them.

You could use paper or old cereal packets. Can you use the same numbers and grid and put them in different positions to add up to 15? This website has more for you to do.

Can you create some of your own magic squares for your friends to solve?

This is our magic square


Science bottles

Astound your friends and family with some amazing science tricks. Go to: to make a floating orb (object).

Think about how you could make this fun science activity into an experiment? What would you be testing? How could you make your test fair?

Get Creative

Make your performance spectacular by creating some props. Click this link to learn how to make a magical wand, or this link to create a magician’s hat

What could you add to your wand to make it unique?

Useful Websites of the Week

Follow your local Family Centre on Facebook for lots of information on activities running and useful family information.

Courses Coming Up

  • Christmas Crafts Workshop: Text ‘CC’ to Mandy on 07825 862029
  • Growth Mindset Workshop– supporting your Key Stage 2&3 child’s wellbeing. Text ‘SMG’ to Mandy on 07825 862029
  • Free employability skills workshops- Debbie on 07770 802497 for more information.
  • Live Life Well (health and wellbeing workshops)- enrol by phone at 01296 383582

CACHE Level 2 Certificate in Understanding Autism- for more information go to :  or phone Debbie on 07770 802497

 Click on the link to find out about the range of courses on offer in the Family Learning Spring programme